Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past several years or simply don’t watch any television, you can’t get away from the local commercials that advertise various law firms that will take care of you when you get into an accident. Some of them even claim to be open 24×7, so you can call anytime because accidents can’t wait for help.

Most of those ads are primarily targeted at people who find themselves or someone they know in an auto accident. These are often the big victim payout opportunities and attorneys often line up to get paid and help their clients get as much from their situation after being involved in an auto accident.

Slip & Fall InjuryAlthough these situations are both tragic and require attention, there is another category of victims who often get overlooked and sometimes don’t get the same treatment. When you hear about slip & fall, you often think about someone slipping and falling down in a grocery store. This might be a common scenario for a store owner who doesn’t pay attention to the pathways and safety of their customers, but there are other slip & fall scenarios that most people overlook.

For example, imagine you’re walking down the sidewalk and it appears the homeowner or the business owner didn’t shovel the snow or take care of the sheet of ice that’s been built up in front of you. You don’t realize it until it’s too late, and both feet go up in the air you fall hard on your backside. This is a terrible slip & fall incident that could result in some incapacitating injuries, especially for older individuals or those with compromised physical stature, and could result in a broken bone, a broken hip or pelvis and spinal cord issues. Don’t take it for granted that anytime you fall it’s your fault for not being more careful.